Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I decided to go all-out on my sidewalk arts drawing, I really dig these colors. I've never played with them before.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Give Me Money

Did a piece this weekend that I had rolling around for a while. Mid-terms are over and each day graduation is hitting me harder and harder. What I'm freaking out about more is packing all my crap. Someone needs to buy my couch.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sidewalk Arts

Yesterday was SCAD's Sidewalk Arts Fest. I am so sore, but I think my square turned out pretty neat. I had a lot of fun and there were swarms (or scads, hurr hurr hurr) of people there, more than I remember from any of the past four years I've done this. We played "count the deck shoes" and "count the ginger babies" which produced a higher number than I expected.
Now I have to go and finish off my budget, gross.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wait, it's April?

Okay, what's been going on. A lot of not studying for my lecture classes, is what. I can't memorize anything so I might have a mini panic attack over my midterm tomorrow, but that's okay. I'll live, unless my Mesoamerican professor goes all Aztec peeling my fingernails on me.

uuugh, that freaks me out.
I found out that the Teatrio award ceremony is the day of graduation and I can't get any of my 600 euro unless I'm there so that's a big disappointment. I spent too much money on school to pay to fly out there to pick up money that doesn't cover the cost of getting to the ceremony. I also need to move out that weekend so there' pretty much no way. I did make my self portrait for the book though.

I was in the Munny Show for our student SOI. I need pictures of my Munny, but we had to make a 12x12 piece to go with them. Mine, thankfully, got sold the day of the opening.

Got an interview with Laika which was pretty nuts because I got to play with some of the puppets. They're not hiring but seemed to really like my work, I was pretty proud. I get so critical of what I do and forget that other people look at it too.

I also got bored and used the images I made to slap on some candle holders and might make them into prints. I need to get hopping, graduation is on it's way and I feel like I'm nowhere near ready.