Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Car is the Cathedral of the 20th Century

For a little bit there I was in an idea block, I think I'm out of it. However unless I'm actively working on things, I feel like I'm not productive. So I dug out the first piece I ever did with a shape oriented design a few years ago in order to maybe mess with it:

I think I did this for an Illustrator based project, I don't quite remember. The whole idea was from a quote I learned in my Beat Lit class "The car is the cathedral of the 20th Century" or something similar to that.

I remade all the shapes then did a little color change. Decided I was not done and messed with color more.

Then more color messing.

I figure I'm finished with it for now. I like it all three ways, but not sure which I like best. If anything, it was fun to revisit a piece I forgot about.

Two and a half weeks until I move to Indianapolis, I'm kind of pooping myself. I have a lot of crap to pack.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The "will fuck anything" genes

I just watched Secret of Kells and juuuuust about pooped myself. The shapes, you people, fucking amazing.

I worked in an Irish import store for a few years in High School, admittedly I read every book we had in there. I probably shouldn't have, sorry all you people who bought books from there. My grubby hands were all-up-ons. I read a lot about the Viking invasions, the Book of Kells, crazy-go-nuts stories about woods people, etc. Lots of fun, so I really, really dug this movie. I have no idea who I want to win best animated feature this year, can't we just let all of them share?

I really want a Bounty bar now. That job was amazing for all the reading time and free imported candy. hoooooo-boy. Sadly I am not Irish enough to say I'm Irish. I'm not anything enough to claim being anything. I'm half sure my ancestors just stood in the streets and held a sign that said "will fuck anything" and that's where I get my genes.

Kinda proud of that.

Here, have a bunch of skulls. They'll be played with in the future, I promise.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Work has been ultra slow, I guess the crepe eating winter season is slowing down. Spring needs to get it's butt here, I need some cash. While at work I drew Laika, the most awesome of space dogs.

Michael was trying to tell me she died upon reentry. That's a lie, she totally landed, then chose to go back into space of her own accord. She is currently orbiting the earth and is actually the person who controls the internet. The more you know!

All of my computers and computer accessories have Russian space related names. I don't remember how it started, but my handy 2g thumb drive that I have yet to lose (somehow, it's kind of a miracle) is named Laika.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eh, still on a sexy ladies kick

So I drew that lady ass with the zombies, now I'm drawing sexy TOS Star Trek ladies. Honestly their uniforms and hyper-sexualization of uterus folk on there just beg for some crazy shapes. I like making fun shapes. I'll probably do an alien/astro/cosmonaut set too. People out there seem to like the ladies. Maybe all men, maybe all women, maybe both. Who knows?!

Alien seduction, oh my!

Oh, sorry I kept you waiting

So I'm sometimes a terrible friend. Not only do I have my best friend's belated birthday gift from last week, I also still have her christmas gift and a gift I got her to make up for the ticket she bought me for the Andrew Bird concert in September. Sep-fucking-tember, you guys. I have the best intentions, but the post office is so far away. Like way down the street and around the corner.

So I made Mao a momento mori style belated birthday image that I'll slap on a card for her. I also figured I'd show what my drawings sometimes look like.

Here's how it looks like at first, I like drawing in color pencils, I just dig the way they feel and I start with a light color for sketchy lines and work my way into a more finished drawing with darker colors.

Honestly that is a more finished drawing than I've been doing lately, haha. I'm kind of sloppy and all over the place when it's just something for me and nobody else sees the process. I also haven't scanned since May. I should probably start doing that instead of photoboothing because I'm lazy and generally do all my work from 1am and later. The scanner the house is in a bedroom, not so useful at 1am.

There is the finished. I rushed it and didn't take a huge amount of time, but it's cool seeing as it's only going to be a small thing as a joke.

That millipede is freaking adorable.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sexy Zombie Ass

I finally watched Zombieland last week, there's nobody around to watch movies with so I tend to chicken out about going to the movies alone so I waited until it came out on DVD to see. Mao is an amazing secret keeper, I had no idea Bill Murray was in it and I pretty much pooped while watching it. I said, quite loud, "holy crap that is Bill Fucking Murray" while watching it with headphones on. Pretty sure someone heard me yell/say that at 4am and they probably thought I was the most awesome person ever or a nutcase.

I'm rooting for awesome.

I then played a bunch of zombie themed games so I didn't accidentally go out and kill someone with a crowbar. Am I the only one who gets really pumped after movies like that?

Whatever. Soon I'll be running around thinking I'm a Big Daddy, these things come in phases, you see.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Horns look like mushrooms sometimes

So, who can tell I got some brand-spanking-new headphones? Expect more images with them spread on like peanut butter. headphones everywhere.

But hopefully not the roof of your mouth. They don't belong there.

Bone Daddy

While doing research for this I came to the conclusion that If I were to marry an inanimate object to make many non-babies, it would probably be a 1952 olive-gold Gibson Les Paul. Either that or a suhweet Velvet Elvis painting.