Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Newcity cover part two

For those in the Chicago area, check out the latest Newcity magazine, your's truly got to do the cover this week. Apparently there is no new one the week of the 20th, so it'll be out there an extra week for your eyes to take it in.

If any of you get your hands on one, if you could kindly send one my way, I'd love you forever and send you a treat. Seriously, not playing around here.

Take a gander and keep your eyes peeled for 'er:

It was for record store day, a day near and dear to my heart.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carpet Cat

It's getting warm out there. Take off those shirts, let's see some skiiiin.

I'm getting my studio all set up and ready to use regularly. I, with help from the Brian-boy, tore up the carpet, put down new flooring, painted the walls, and put up the trim. I have so many boxes, it's pretty intimidating. It'll get done soon, I swear. I'll take pictures and everything.

The above image will be up in my shop here in a few minutes if you're interested!