Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tricky Dick

So, while at school I was part of the radio station. My DJ name was DJ Tricky Dick and I was absolutely terrified of the telephone. I also would catch myself in the middle of saying some dirty words pretty often. I guess it fit? I don't know, you guys. I've just always been interested in that whole time in US history. Maybe it's because my parents were dirty, dirty hippies. Only not really.

My Dad has called him Tricky Dick on many occasions though.

I now use Tricky Dick as a screenname on websites from time to time, including I made myself the above image to use as an artist icon for when my shirt gets sold in December.

In the mean time I'm kind of desperate for a job where my pay isn't dependent on whether I spill soup on someone or if I forget to bring extra sugar to the table or something. Admittedly, that fish suit looks like it would be made with the skins of Muppets and if my theory on their annual shedding of skin is correct, I totally want one. It's not like I want Dr. Teeth dead, you guys. Obviously that's the only skin that fish suit can be made of.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm 99% sure I'm getting my little xbox red ring of death design printed at teefury! I'm so excited, more information to be had in the future.

Also, whoever tells you to shake it off when you hurt yourself is a jerk. I just fell down while exercising and I'm pretty sure nothing could have been better than the ice cream I had after.

Screw getting back on the horse, get on that waffle cone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stop being so weird

I did a really really fast rush-through at the MET today with my friend Michael who only had one day in the city to play with me. His plane was at 7 and we don't know what the AM hours are. Therefore we had to rush around to do fun things. Sadly the MoMA was closed today, who the hell closes on Tuesday? So upsetting, you guys.

Anyway, the afternoon in the city made me want to draw some crazy stuff and I really wish I had the time to sit down and draw while in the museum.

I once read that certain Japanese trains ban cell phone use, oh lordy do I wish NJTransit would follow in their footsteps. I really don't care about what your doctor said about that thing on your back, though I'm glad you got it checked out. Gross.
I would also like to point out that I actually have whorl prints on every single toe and finger. If you're trying to frame me for some mass puppu-napping please keep this in mind. I would love to be involved in puppy naps.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ohohohoho you guys. I had a pretty awful day so instead of moping around I'm trying to get stuff done. It was a fight or flight reaction so instead of demolishing my kitchen I am demolishing my website!

Not only that, I'm completely overhauling my portfolio and making a brand new logo. If you have any suggestions, suggest away. In the mean time, here is a piece I did off of the image on the lazy suzan from last post.

But really. Don't steal from tip jars, folks. That is just tacky.