Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh, that is why I bought that.

Man, guys. I cannot even beleive how much I fail at backing up my files. I accidentally deleted about two months worth of work. With a looooot of scrambling, panic, and luck I was able to find a program and get back roughly half of what I had. If I didn't get back a psd or finished pdf of a piece, I seem to have been lucky enough to be left with an illustrator file. Some of the character design stuff I had is gone, but I'm hoping a professor or two might be able to help a sista out.

Hopefully I am not that dumb ever again. Worst case scenario I'll find my small png or jpegs and just wind up having to do them from those images as reference.

In the mean time, I had to get back on the horse, so I did some bikers to go with some pre-dumbassery bikes I made.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Man, I need a job.

I'm done with school!

You know, as of two weeks ago.

I had to, despite a lot of hard work trying to work something out, decline the Cartoon Network internship. I very seriously cried my little eyes out when I had to call and e-mail everyone who helped me. What really sucked was apparently Ed Murrita never got my message and I had to tell him after I thought I was done and dealt with it. Man, I have never been so upset, I was so close.

But whatever, time to move forward! Here are some things I've been doodling while being a substitute at my old high school. If you ever wondered what that would be like, I assure you it is extremely awkward, even more if you get your little sibling in one of your classes. Paper airplane fight in AP Calculus, yay!