Friday, June 12, 2009

Man, I need a job.

I'm done with school!

You know, as of two weeks ago.

I had to, despite a lot of hard work trying to work something out, decline the Cartoon Network internship. I very seriously cried my little eyes out when I had to call and e-mail everyone who helped me. What really sucked was apparently Ed Murrita never got my message and I had to tell him after I thought I was done and dealt with it. Man, I have never been so upset, I was so close.

But whatever, time to move forward! Here are some things I've been doodling while being a substitute at my old high school. If you ever wondered what that would be like, I assure you it is extremely awkward, even more if you get your little sibling in one of your classes. Paper airplane fight in AP Calculus, yay!

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