Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm on Gizmodo!

Holy bleeping crap, you dudes and dudettes. I'm sitting around, sipping some coffee and considering watching some Star Trek the animated series and what do I get? My friend links me to Gizmodo (who I normally check every morning cough 3pm cough) and what is on there?!

My Red Ring of Death Monster on motherfucking Gizmodo.


Also I just threw a lot of stuff on my Etsy this weekend, check it out. Link to the right of all these words.


  1. that is SO AWESOME pam! I love your designs, and I'm thrilled you're getting lots of exposure.

  2. Waaaaat. That's way awesome :P Though I wish they woulda given you better props like Kotaku!

    Anywho, how's it goin'? Seems to be pretty good, yeh? Um... so... that's it :D Hope we can keep in touch! 'cos I really admire your work. And stuff.