Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Rats, This Was Going To Be A Secret

I'm getting my promo materials together! I'm all of a sudden thinking that I should mess around with the look of my website to match this card front. I'm kind of in love with these colors. Maybe I'll beat up my roommate and make her paint the apartment in these colors.

Yes, those colors and those sweet lines that Flint Lockwood painted all his sciency things in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Hot damn, I love that movie. It made me laugh so loud in the theater that I'm pretty sure the people who worked them came in to check if I (and Mao) were okay. I got it when it came out I got the DVD and laughed just as hard.

Someone asked what's up with the rats in my work here and there. It's because I had rats. Rats are hella rad. This is Lenny, her roommate was named George. Lenny liked to hang out in my shirt and make her way into my bra and just chill. She was weird.


  1. Omigosh Pam, I just bought the Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs art book. You GOTTA get it. It's 30 bux on amazon but it's GINORMOUS. They have pretty much every bit of concept art ever crammed in there! AND YOU GET SCRATCH AND SNIFF STICKERS. Among other things~

    But yeh. Adored the movie... died laughing... and I quite enjoy your promo thingy! Is that hand lettering?

  2. What a great color combination! I love it!!