Sunday, June 27, 2010

Raining like what

Finally I think the whole cat health issues thing is over. I'm thankful because I am tired of digging into my fig nuton funds for poop-cat medications.

While I wasn't freaking out about the state of my cat's butt, I tried out some new coloring techniques to make things a tad bit more interesting. I used a drawing from my sketchbook of Andrew Bird and figured it would be a good fit for an experiment. I kind of dig it, but I need to see how else I can push it.

I also got a painting done this weekend. I need to get a decent scanner to actually show it off nicely. My photos of it kind of look a little gross. It felt good to paint again though, I'll have to do it more.

1 comment:

  1. Three things:

    1. I love Andrew Bird
    2. I love your blog. You're such an inspiration!
    3. And because you're kind of one of my heros, here is a wee blog award for you!