Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bits and Bobs, This and That

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Get that bitch a container. Bitches love containers. At least, I know for me it's one-hundred percent true. I've collected jars and cigar boxes as a child to keep things in. It's gotten no better as I get older, I tend to get cigar boxes and cool containers for keeping art fair display stuff and to keep who knows what around the house. Growing up where I did let me have four different IKEAs within 30 minutes no matter what direction you drove. I got. SO. MANY. BOXES.

I still love containers and boxes, so when I'm out and about at garage sales and goodwills, I tend to pick up boxes, vases, containers of all sorts to paint at a later date. I keep putting them aside, but I finally got my ass in gear and started painting them and playing. Now I have a few in my shop, expect more!

These two sets are originally IKEA, I wanted to keep them for my own use but I already have a disturbing number of containers in my kitchen, bathroom, and studio. So instead I'm letting you people have these lovely containters.

Meet This and That:

and Bits and Bobs:

You can find them on Etsy, where I just put them up this afternoon.

The idea behind them is that you can china-marker, dry-erase, or whatever marker the contents in the little frames. I hate when my household items boss me around. I'd rather take charge and label them myself.

More of these kind of things to come, keep your eyes peeled.


  1. :) same with me, I´m also an experienced box collector :) Your painted containers are very cute!
    Thank you for leaving a comment on the porcelain dream guardians. I hope they are available soon, unfortunately I don´t know the price yet.

  2. Howdy. Just found you via easy and your art is freaking great. It reminds me of that kick ass mid century modern style a la Jim Flora. While casually stalking your old posts I saw a print of dudes holding umbrellas, any chance you will have those in your easy shop at any point?

  3. Etsy apparently autocorrects to easy, that or I got drunk on accident.

  4. Ahoy, thanks for the reply on my blog. If you could post one in your etsy shop I would LOVE it. Would the cost/sizing be in line with the current sizes in your shop? It would be super bad ass if you could do one that is a bit larger like your 12X18 size range, or if you can do bigger let me know what the cost would be.

    On another random note, we are decorating our soon to be baby's room in retro style bird stuff, any chance you have any bird prints hidden in your archives?