Friday, May 27, 2011

Take a Whiff

I'm getting into a groove, I blame it on the summery weather, even though it's been all tornadoes and rain here the past week or so. Word to the wise, don't snuggle your cat who is made of 324% muscle when it's thunder and lightning out. When lightning strikes across the street, you will regret it. Claws everywhere.

In the mean time, I'm embracing lines again! I missed them, I missed playing with ink and I missed having to battle with tracing paper. I have a new print up to show my accomplishment with getting back to hitting the (ink) bottle.

You can find him here!

I've also started a tumblr a while back not sure if you cats and chicks are into them, but I like posting things I find, new work, shit that lives around my house. All sorts of stuff. You can find that at

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