Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Car is the Cathedral of the 20th Century

For a little bit there I was in an idea block, I think I'm out of it. However unless I'm actively working on things, I feel like I'm not productive. So I dug out the first piece I ever did with a shape oriented design a few years ago in order to maybe mess with it:

I think I did this for an Illustrator based project, I don't quite remember. The whole idea was from a quote I learned in my Beat Lit class "The car is the cathedral of the 20th Century" or something similar to that.

I remade all the shapes then did a little color change. Decided I was not done and messed with color more.

Then more color messing.

I figure I'm finished with it for now. I like it all three ways, but not sure which I like best. If anything, it was fun to revisit a piece I forgot about.

Two and a half weeks until I move to Indianapolis, I'm kind of pooping myself. I have a lot of crap to pack.

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