Saturday, February 20, 2010

The "will fuck anything" genes

I just watched Secret of Kells and juuuuust about pooped myself. The shapes, you people, fucking amazing.

I worked in an Irish import store for a few years in High School, admittedly I read every book we had in there. I probably shouldn't have, sorry all you people who bought books from there. My grubby hands were all-up-ons. I read a lot about the Viking invasions, the Book of Kells, crazy-go-nuts stories about woods people, etc. Lots of fun, so I really, really dug this movie. I have no idea who I want to win best animated feature this year, can't we just let all of them share?

I really want a Bounty bar now. That job was amazing for all the reading time and free imported candy. hoooooo-boy. Sadly I am not Irish enough to say I'm Irish. I'm not anything enough to claim being anything. I'm half sure my ancestors just stood in the streets and held a sign that said "will fuck anything" and that's where I get my genes.

Kinda proud of that.

Here, have a bunch of skulls. They'll be played with in the future, I promise.

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