Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh, sorry I kept you waiting

So I'm sometimes a terrible friend. Not only do I have my best friend's belated birthday gift from last week, I also still have her christmas gift and a gift I got her to make up for the ticket she bought me for the Andrew Bird concert in September. Sep-fucking-tember, you guys. I have the best intentions, but the post office is so far away. Like way down the street and around the corner.

So I made Mao a momento mori style belated birthday image that I'll slap on a card for her. I also figured I'd show what my drawings sometimes look like.

Here's how it looks like at first, I like drawing in color pencils, I just dig the way they feel and I start with a light color for sketchy lines and work my way into a more finished drawing with darker colors.

Honestly that is a more finished drawing than I've been doing lately, haha. I'm kind of sloppy and all over the place when it's just something for me and nobody else sees the process. I also haven't scanned since May. I should probably start doing that instead of photoboothing because I'm lazy and generally do all my work from 1am and later. The scanner the house is in a bedroom, not so useful at 1am.

There is the finished. I rushed it and didn't take a huge amount of time, but it's cool seeing as it's only going to be a small thing as a joke.

That millipede is freaking adorable.

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  1. I love seeing the artistic process. The "lighter then darker" thing I've seen before, but haven't really used myself. I have the CD for Maus, which includes his sketches. They're somewhat similar to yours. He uses different colors, going towards black. For that specific book he drew in 1:1 scale, using cheap office pens. He wanted the mouses to be *real*, in that you can immediately see the hand of the artist. I love that.

    what fun!